Save dictionary

VGram builders allow save dictionary to file. It’s a good way to work with v-grams because dictionary is built for a long time.

Save dictionary by save method and load by static methods load[ClassName].


Dictionary saved as json-formatted file:

  "alphabet": [
      "freq": 1188,
      "text": "fromthe",
      "vec": [
        0, 1, 2, 3, 15, 8, 6
  "coder": [0, 1, 2, 3, 18, 12, ..],
  "size": 1000,
  "min_prob": 3.7657904299967802e-06,
  "fitted": true,
  "freqs_computed": true,

Field text is not nessesary and provided only when you work with tests. It contains the text of v-gram in alphabet items. In Int-versions the text field will not be in the file.

After v-grams construction, you can analyze the resulting dictionary.

alphabet is a list of v-gram objects
freq is a frequency of v-gram occurrence in data.
vec is a vector of language alphabet symbols for v-gram presentation.
coder is a sequence of symbols as they occur in the data.
size is a size of a dictionary
min_prob, fitted and freqs_computed are inner model information.
fitted and freqs_computed provided only for (Int)VGram class.